I Never Thought I’d be Reduced to This

This week Winter really seems to have arrived in Dundee, there has been a frost every morning apart from Monday when it poured with rain, and it is damn cold. My feet are freezing and if I could get them on, I’d be wearing my furry boots. I know that the weather is the classic British obsession and that I am simply fulfilling a cliché by writing about it here, but I’m always taken by surprise by just  how quickly we are engulfed by seasonal change in Scotland. The great Autumn clock tampering exercise is upon us next weekend. Confirming what we all already know – there will be no respite from the cold and dark until April. Argh!

Mind you, this is the first week since I started this blog that I have sat here on a Friday with very little to say. The weather then, is fulfilling its traditional function.

The residency and work in the Print Studio has started to feel like real life. I suppose that the novelty is beginning to wear off and that I am establishing a routine, a good thing in many respects as I have instituted a meaningful working pattern, am making progress with my project and have even started to hatch new ideas. Nothing out of the ordinary or of any significance has happened all week.

I have even begun to get used to the inconveniences of the building, after all one can only sustain a sense of umbrage for so long. Even so, I still haven’t confronted my unease and made it down to level two and just as I thought I’d mastered the lock on the door of  the level three toilet, I was disturbed in there again on Thursday. This time by a woman with a disgruntled baby who burst in just as I was pulling my trousers up. Something must be done!

Building work still proceeds apace at Ramshackle Cottage where we now have on the plus side, a new roof and on the minus – bloody great holes in the walls made to accommodate the new  drains. Which brings me neatly back to how cold it is.

Thankfully, I am in the draft free Print Studio for most of the weekend making the most of the heating and attending Dawson Murray’s etching masterclass. I haven’t done any etching for some while so a masterclass might seem a little ambitious but I’m doing it as part of my Access Audit, so it will be interesting to see how well I  cope.

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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2 Responses to I Never Thought I’d be Reduced to This

  1. Yes agreed Jackie…Winter has arrived. As a Southern ‘pansy’ it’s not something I’m looking forward to one bit.
    Yesterday I saw a snowplough. I don’t think there is anything more to say.
    (Apart from how much I enjoy reading your blog :D)

  2. Love your blogging Ms Smith – hope you can keep it up…

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