It Must be a Law of Nature

Well, the boiler man is here this morning. Just as we have all accepted that Winter has indeed arrived in Scotland, it’s been cold for a while now, what is the next thing that inevitably follows as night follows day? The bloody boiler goes wrong. Or to  be more accurate, as I have just had a conversation with said boiler man, the builders – ever careful and respectful of property, have apparently damaged the programmer, so the boiler doesn’t know what its supposed to be doing when; is confused and is therefore not working. This is apparently easily sorted, which is just as well as I can barely move at the moment due to the quantity of wooly clothing I’ve been forced to wear. It is of course, yet another expense to add to the mounting total of builders bills. Maybe I can get them to pay for it?

They are not here today anyway and I’m not quite sure why. There are lots of things which have been left in comparative disarray, many of which – doors off, holes in walls, insulation removed to facilitate wiring, ceiling hatches off,  are contributing to the overall arctic temperature. I am about to phone them to try and track them down. It was their October holiday last week, so this absence is almost certainly down to the perennial construction industry propensity to over commit a limited workforce. Our lads will be off on another job.

Its been a bit of a short working week for me too as I was in the studio most of last weekend etching away on Dawson Murray’s masterclass and didn’t make it in again until Wednesday. I was a little apprehensive on Saturday morning, as  I arrived late following a much postponed MRI scan to find that the others had already completed two or three plates. But Dawson is a good teacher and I soon caught up. I enjoyed being in a group with a shared objective and it is always interesting observing other people’s working methods. This is an especially apposite class for me with my Audit hat on as Dawson also has M.S. and continues to make some marvellous work with the aid of assistants. He has an extensive repertoire of  techniques which he has developed over his career and those which we are learning here seem particularly suited for use by an artist with finite dexterity. In this case, me. I have surprised myself by making some interesting images and am looking forward to the final day this Sunday. I really must do my homework – a soft ground plate and Japanese tracing paper awaits my attention

As  it turned out, Wednesday was the only day I had to work on my film this week, my plans to go in on Thursday  being thwarted by ‘a bad night’, twitchy legs and lack of sleep keeping me in my comfy chair with my ipod all day. Still, things went well for the short time that I had to work on it, I made no mistakes, some progress and am about to add the soundtrack. On Monday, hopefully.

Anyway, I’m getting really cold again sitting here in the draft from the back door, so I’m going to retreat to that comfy chair and put the fire on.

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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