The Sleep of the Just?

I’m not sure what’s going on here today but my home help arrived at ten thirty as usual to find me asleep in my chair. She woke me up, concerned as I later found out due to her previous client’s slumbers turning out to be a funny turn, made a fuss of the dog as she does and after a brief chat, went out to get on with her work. Fifteen minutes latter, she returned to find that I had resumed zizzing. I woke up again when she switched on the vacuum cleaner and came through here to begin work on my blog only to doze off yet again, this time rather worryingly, in our desperately uncomfortable computer chair. Is it sleeping sickness? Apparently not but something must be up. Doubtless something to  do with the current Autumnal gloom, possibly compounded by the fact that I have done a couple of extra days work in the Print Studio.

Sunday was the final day of Dawson’s etching masterclass, another eleven o’clock start – early for me to get organised and out of the house, I don’t know how Dawson manages such long days; we worked hard until six as well. Enjoyable though and surprisingly productive, I’ll put some of the prints up here once I have organised help to pull them. Please don’t expect too much though, quite a lot are just experiments with sugar lift, and trials of different textural techniques – very interesting stuff, especially as unlike the majority of printmaking techniques the resulting marks are positive rather than negative – one of the perennial and always somehow strangely unexpected drawbacks of any print process for me.

Its been a productive week for my film as well, I think its more or less finished although the sound remains a bit rough. More work is certainly required here. I’m on the look out for someone who understands audio editing software, its just simple mixing but it needs to be done. So progress at last I think.

Now that’s B home and I haven’t finished my blog yet – going out tonight too, ‘Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopper Off’. Drat! I’ll have to leave things here and try to pick it up again tomorrow. All this kipping has got to stop.

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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