A Cause for Alarm?

So its back to normal this week, with full and arresting comment on the past week’s events, plus a bit of catching up due to last week’s shortcomings. In fact, knowing where to pick up again is proving to be a bit of a problem as I’m getting confused about what actually happened when. Hence, in no particular order, an update on the state of the level three toilet – I know you are all hungry for news here; after finally complaining to a centre assistant an out of order sign materialised, stayed up for a week and following further emailing and reminders, the lock is now, or appears to be – fixed! I have certainly used the facilities undisturbed all week, although my confidence in their security will take some time to  fully recover.

The lift, which had been behaving very strangely of late seems to have returned to what passes for normal and is no longer confusing which floor it is on and can once again determine up from down. I must admit to a certain alarm when it told me I was on level four when I should have been in the car park and to an even greater concern when it said ‘lift going up’ on level five, from whence there is no up. Amusing to some extent to those of us all too familiar with the idiosyncrasies of the DCA lift, but no laughing matter if you are blind, say, and rely on this kind of information to navigate around the building.

On Monday I was due to have a meeting and tour of the building with DCA’s Head of Operations and Centre Manager and was all set to raise these and other access issues with them then. Unfortunately, after I had  come in especially for it, the meeting was cancelled due to illness – not mine for once. Now they will have to wait to learn of the impressive staff response to the disabled alarm going off in the level four toilet last weekend. I had been forced up there by the persistence of the sign on level three and found that, as usual the alarm cord had been creatively tied up around the raised, drop down grab rail. Ever helpful and quick to respond to injustice, B. stepped in to untie it and set it off in the attempt. the bell rang for a good five minutes as we panicked about needlessly attracting attention and he grubbed around trying to find the reset button. Eventually, defeated he decamped to reception for assistance leaving me to find the button by the door. During all this time, no-one batted an eye lid. No staff arrived to help the presumably distressed disabled occupant and everyone around just  got on with their business. I assume that you can draw your own conclusions from this but the old children’s rhyme about the three old ladies keeps  coming back to mind.

Anyway, the cancelled meeting gave me the afternoon free to work on the film which I tinkered with in vain for a few hours, trying to achieve something with the sound. At home on Tuesday I decided to download something called Audacity, a free sound editing application and, bingo! It  proved really easy to use and by the end of  the afternoon I had completed my soundtrack and saved it to my idisk . Having downloaded it all to the Studio computer, I spent Wednesday fiddling about getting the sound and image to mean something to each other and now I am happy. Or at least I was then. Tomorrow I am meeting up with Susan, a video artist and the Print Studio’s moving image expert to get her feedback. I’ll let you know next week how I get on.

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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