No News but Still Here

I’ll bet you all thought that I’d left you  and run away to sea, but sadly not. The call of a life on the briny remains muted, my sea bag is still in the attic and my oilskins are covering the compost heap. No, I’m afraid that my prolonged absence is down to far more prosaic reasons – I injured my left (good) arm a few weeks ago and as a result my left (typing) hand went numb and ceased functioning properly. It’s not yet fully recovered but it’s a lot better than it was so I have decided to risk a bit of an update.

The sad thing is that there is really not very much to update! Since the builders have gone, life has resumed a very humdrum course indeed.

I’m still not working properly – displacement activity remains king and although I have a few projects in mind, that is where they have largely remained. My new film is not started, neither is a long planned print project to do with body image. Don’t you wonder? And neither is the darkroom project which I have hatched up for DCA’s Minding the Barriers month during the May/June period. Mind you, they haven’t approved it yet so maybe it doesn’t fit the bill after all. I have actually done a bit of work towards it so that I can hit the ground running if it does go ahead, so if it doesn’t, the best course is probably to throw myself into it anyway. I know that once I get my artist hat back on there will be no stopping me – until the  next project ends of course, then it will be back to the familiarity of the doldrums.

The real focus of Minding the Barriers is the installation of my Residency colleague Aidan’s pieces in the DCA building. It will be good to see them in place at last and might even help to move me forward by focusing my mind on what we have both achieved on the Everyone Project.

At the end of March B., my official helper and driver – I really should cook him up some kind of  bona fide livery; and myself, hotfooted it down to Edinburgh for Engage Scotland’s annual conference, whose theme – All being Equal centred on the Everyone Project. The venue, Our Dynamic Earth was a very strange place indeed – a vast dark and scary underground car park with a puzzlingly absent visitor attraction attached. Apart from a very battered stainless steel lift and the conference centre itself there appeared to be nothing there. However I showed my face, reported on my project, ate a dodgy free lunch and looked on in fascination as my fellow delegates communed with their mobile phones. I have never seen a roomful of people so distracted from the main event. How the workaday world has moved on since I retired!

So now we are half way through April, we have had a week of glorious sunshine followed by a freezing week of snow, which has now reverted to type for a Scottish April and has become grey and chilly. The birds are singing though, there are daffs in the garden and nascent leaves on the trees. The sun is just peeking out from behind a cloud – maybe I’ll make a start on that film.

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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