The Blob

I’m not sure that I really have that much to say this week but I feel that I really do need to tell you about the Blob. This is no ordinary blob but  a one metre square, discordantly coloured woodblock print derived from my last eye tracking drawing. Voila!

The Blob

Impressive what? I haven’t quite got my head around the reality of the process. One minute I’m sitting in a darkened room struggling to move a somewhat reluctant cursor around a patch of light on the wall with my eyes; the next thing I know, I’m watching the amazing laser cutter whittling one of my shapes out of MDF, ready to be inked up and printed.

The whole processes been really quite inspiring, as something essentially very abstract – the eye  tracking process, has been transformed into something absolutely tangible, a work of art. Well, a print at least.

It has been interesting how my relationship with the thing has changed as it has developed, enabling my slightly megalomaniac tendencies to assert themselves as I visualise whole rooms  full of multicoloured, dancing blobs screen-printed directly on to the walls. We can all at least dream!

And has become an even even more compelling fantasy since I saw the similarities between the shape and colour of my random blob and the wonderful cut-out works which Matisse made as he too made art through increasing disability. Not that I would presume such exalted company!

About mssmith57

I'm an artist and novice blogger. I love books, good food, red wine and jazz. I also have M.S. so I write about the practicalities of life as a disabled artist. It might be challenging but its not all grim! My work's quite jolly really.
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