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The times they are a changing

The moment has at last arrived for me to zhoosh up my on-line presence. My blog has become a little moribund of late and is distinctly lacking in timely updates, so I have decided to expand the Smithsownian name to include a … Continue reading

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I’m a Technical Wizard!

There are various reasons that I haven’t posted here for a while, but one of the main ones is  that my magic iMac dictation device wasn’t working. I tried everything. But obviously not quite everything enough. However, this morning, eureka! The … Continue reading

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A Thaw Nestled

Bugger all this April malarkey, it’s February that is actually the cruellest month. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s miserable and all the bills from Christmas materialise and drop onto the doormat en mass. Propitious March brings St David’s Day and daffodils, … Continue reading

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The Blob

I’m not sure that I really have that much to say this week but I feel that I really do need to tell you about the Blob. This is no ordinary blob but  a one metre square, discordantly coloured woodblock … Continue reading

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I Crack at Titles!

It’s been a technologically dominated week this week – back to the Print Studio working with the eye tracking gizmo, somewhat more successfully than hitherto; plus I have now got this  new dictation device on my computer, very  space age. … Continue reading

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No News but Still Here

I’ll bet you all thought that I’d left you  and run away to sea, but sadly not. The call of a life on the briny remains muted, my sea bag is still in the attic and my oilskins are covering … Continue reading

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Well, at Least the Sun is Out

Weather wise it’s actually been quite a remarkable February, March 1st – St David’s day for all you unfortunate non-Welsh folk, yesterday and I spent the afternoon sitting in the garden absorbing the beneficial rays. I was actually way too … Continue reading

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