Fire & Ice Prints 2010 -2011

In December 2010 I was one a group of artists from rural Scotland invited to show work at the Scottish Crannog Centre on Loch Tay in an exhibition entitled Fire and Ice.

This set of digital prints was made specially for the Crannog Centre, using imagery derived from the idea of the aquatic loch environment, together with symbols derived from archaeology found in or near the Loch. Cup and ring marks recur as do the bones of animals and fish and the plant life which may be typical of the water or the bank. In addition fishing weights and other objects of vague antiquity lie awaiting discovery.

Made using PhotoShop each piece is multi layered, images constructed from digital photographs, direct scans of objects, rubbings, drawings and work using the tools of the programme itself. Layers are frequently translucent or cut away revealing earlier or deeper layers, creating a parallel with the process of archaeology.

My work often uses these devices to construct pieces about relics or found objects and their environment, these subjects being established interests. Each piece is titled in Welsh, an ancient Celtic language, to add to the sense of mystery they aspire to.

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Pipers Yard Relics 2005 -2006

The project Pipers Yard Relics, involved making a body of work exploring the creative implications of a collection of artefacts  or relics which were  excavated from the garden of my then home in rural Perthshire.

The work was concerned with memory and ideas about history both personal and cultural, and integrated a range of techniques which I was then exploring in my work: traditional mark making – painting & print together with photography/digital imaging and craft techniques like paper making and stichery.

The work fell into two broad groups and was either physically constructed or digitally composed and printed.

These were the last pieces which I made prior to losing the use of my right hand so they are particularly poignant for me.

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